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Sometimes, life events can be overwhelming and lead to a sense of feeling disconnected or out of balance. The Inner Balance Meditation is designed to help restore a sense of inner balance. This meditation can be helpful at any time of the day--morning, afternoon, or night. 

According to UC Davis psychologist Bob Emmons, who wrote a book called Thanks! which contains his extensive research and findings on the subject of gratitude, those who practice gratitude increase their feelings of joyfulness, enthusiasm, interest, attentiveness, energy and determination and offer more emotional support and help to others. Their friends and spouses rated them as more helpful than those in the other groups. Studies also have found that practicing gratitude improves physical health, raises energy levels and relieves pain and fatigue. I hope you enjoy this meditation and the fruits of gratitude!

When we try to change things that cannot be changed or struggle against them, we end up feeling POWERLESS and MORE STRESSED. When we accept that we cannot change anything but our own responses, and we begin to respond more skillfully and intentionally to the events that typically prompt our state of distress and reactivity, we begin to feel EMPOWERED, BALANCED and AT EASE.

Finding calm in the midst of distress with “BRFWA”—Breath, Relax, Feel, Watch & Allow

  • BREATHE slower, longer, deeper & more regular.

  • RELAX tensions & holdings in the body/mind—soften & release. 

  • FEEL sensations in the body just as they are.

  • WATCH without judgment & without trying to change the experience.

  • ALLOW sensations, emotions & thoughts to flow freely

As we become aware of deep-seated thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve us, we can feel overwhelmed and doubtful that we will ever be free of them. Yoga nidra helps us to transform our core beliefs by giving us access to the subconscious-level where those underlying beliefs reside. With time and consistent practice, we discover that the more we connect with our True Nature, the more naturally the fear-based beliefs begin to fall away and are replaced by beliefs and actions born of love. We learn to trust the process.



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